Monday, December 13, 2010

Jay Pharoah is Principal Daniel Frey - Jay's first character! (SNL)

Sketch - Holiday Jam

Paul Rudd ... Mr. Griggs
Jay Pharoah ... Daniel Frey
Kenan Thompson ... Steve Kane

A school's "Holiday Jam" is riddled with announcements from the very breathy principal.

This is significant, because it's Jay's first character to lead a skit. Kenan also had a nice interruption, but the crowd basically wanted to applaud after Jay's first interruption. So that's quite an accomplishment.

I think this character is very interesting, but he's not exactly going to cause much buzz. But kudos go to Jay for not relying only on his amazing impressions!

This was also Jay's only appearance this week. I like Jay's plan. He just tries to get a starring role in every other week (at the least) and then fills in when needed. That will keep him in the audience's mind as the season progresses.


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