Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jay Pharoah in Boogerman

The theme from "Boogerman" is performed at the Emmys. Shy Ronnie was nominated for an Emmy. The theme from "Boogerman" is outlandish, and Bill Hader assumes that it's a pile of dog [doodoo]. Many Emmy voters probably made similar assumptions about Shy Ronnie. Randy Newman beats the theme from "Boogerman." Randy Newman beat the Lonely Island at the Emmys.

I don't think Bill called it dog feces because the Emmy voters assumed it was dog feces when it was truly amazing. I think Andy and the dudes were calling it bad because they have no idea how it got nominated for an Emmy in the first place. So I think this was more their way of laughing at themselves than complaining against the Emmy voters.

A musical tribute to one of the year's most talked about films.

SNL Digital Short: Boogerman

Katy Perry
Fred Armisen ... villain
Paul Brittain ... guy
Bill Hader ... presenter
Taran Killam ... guy
Bobby Moynihan ... scientist
Jay Pharoah ... Jamaican
Amy Poehler ... girlfriend
Andy Samberg ... dancer
Jason Sudeikis ... general
Kenan Thompson ... guy
Kristen Wiig ... girl

Booo! What a waste of Katy Perry and Amy Poehler! This is the kind of idea that sounds amusing until you do it. =^)

Andy's promos were funnier than this. Just this title alone could have inspired a funnier skit.


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jay Pharoah rocks SNL with his Will Smith impression

Will Smith's offspring can do anything.

So here we see new guy Jay Pharoah literally becoming Will Smith. He also did Chris Tucker in this episode. The dude has skills. If he can do characters this well, then he's going to take over the show.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jay Pharoah joins the cast of SNL

For a little while now, Kenan Thompson has been the only African American SNL cast member, but it looks like that may not be true for much longer. The Comic’s Comic, a blog dedicated to everything related to stand-up/sketch comedy (and the site who actually appears to have broken the news of the previous new cast additions), says Jay Pharoah, a young stand-up comedian from Virginia’s Tidewater, may be joining the cast. Aside from the increase in racial diversity, even more exciting is the fact that Pharoah may bring a new take on President Barack Obama to the table. Though Fred Armisen has done a decent job with the impersonation, he can only do so much with a man who doesn’t really have many outstanding mannerisms or speech characteristics to embellish.

Apparently Pharoah’s casting is pretty much a done deal. (Let’s hope so after being flown to NYC twice for screen tests and meetings with Lorne Michaels.) So this coming season will bring a whole slew of new talent. Below you can check out Pharoah’s comedic stylings, including quite an array of impressions — Eddie Murphy, Will Smith, Chris Tucker, Denzel Washington, Barack Obama, Katt Williams and literally dozens more.


Jay does Denzel Washington and Will Smith complaining about each other (documentary style):

Jay does Eddie Murphy and Charlie Murphy complaining about each other:

Jay's standup (he strings together his impressions):

Good Smoegel impression. Check out his Barack Obama at 3:18. Fred has just been replaced.

I think the coolest thing about his impressions is that the dude plays himself so loose and goofy that he literally transforms into a character. I haven't seen someone do that so well since Andy Kaufman.

Thanks to Janey for the scoop!


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Has Jay Pharoah joined SNL?

Does SNL have its new Obama impression? Can Jay Pharoah be the next Eddie Murphy?

Truth be told that Eddie Murphy was not the best impressionist, but with the creativity Jay has in his impressions, I think he could easily pull out some amazing characters as well.

Stay tuned. And...


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