Monday, April 4, 2011

Jay Pharoah does his impressions for Justin Bieber (to promote Never Say Never)

This is a huge compliment from JB. Justin Bieber doesn't just put any videos on his channel. He only puts up videos that he thinks are good (in order to keep a strong momentum on his channel). So the fact that Justin is featuring Jay's impressions is a huge compliment.

Justin wrote, "well thanks to SNL it looks like the Family Guy Crew, Denzel, Eddie Murphy, Will Smith, TI, Chris Brown, JayZ, and others are all going to see the movie Justin Bieber: NEVER SAY NEVER 3D!! This is a much watch with Jay Pharoah!! NEVER SAY NEVER 3D in Theatres this Friday FEB 11th!!"

JB is also very excited by Jay's impressions here. Anybody's guess who's idea this was, because this is very beneficial to Jay, and it fills Justin's needs well to promote his film and get solid content on his channel. A win win to be sure.



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