Monday, December 20, 2010

Denzel Washington talks about Jay Pharoah

At the Unstoppable premiere, Access Hollywood brings up Jay's SNL impression of him. This time, Denzel is ready. He's watched it, and he even watched the YT video that helped get Jay Pharoah on SNL.

And Denzel's wife is prepared too! =^)

So the reason why I said, "Denzel did his homework this time," is because he was asked last year if he saw Twilight and he said no (he was of course at the MTV Movie Awards, which was mostly dedicated to Twilight). And then more recently he was asked about this SNL skit in a radio interview, and he did an impression of the impression, but he hadn't seen it (just been told about it). So this time he saw it and the YouTube video.

And that makes me wonder... is he lying? We know he didn't see the SNL video before the radio interview, and at the radio interview he never mentioned that he'd already seen the YouTube video. So either he forgot that he saw the YouTube version, he didn't bother mentioning it, or he lied to Access Hollywood that he had already seen the YouTube video (I guess to just look more "on top of it," since that is something he's been struggling with). Regardless, Denzel has now seen the SNL and YouTube videos of Jay doing the impression, and that's what matters. (Although we don't know if he's seen the Unstoppable trailer parody that Jay did on SNL.)

And here's the YouTube video that Denzel refers to:


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